Peter’s Rabbit Walking Jacket, Somewhere Between Uncomfortable and Torture.

Once I got past the cheap construction (buckle falls off, stitching is mediocre at best) and the fact that the pictured product isn’t blue like the description (and the real product) I tried to put this on my rabbit.

At first, it went well, or so it seemed. After the tremendous struggle required to attach the harness to her, Mrs. T sat there calmly, peacefully. She seemed to have discovered a sense of inner peace that was previously unknown, until I realized that OH MY GOD SHE IS SUFFOCATING. Acting quickly I undid the harness and she returned immediately to her usual chipper self. After some time to respirate and relax, we went for a second try. This time the harness was fastened too loose, and she immediately bolted out to the end of the leash, and continued on right out of the harness. 0/2. On the third try, with much careful adjusting we discovered that there is indeed a narrow happy medium between slow death and immediate escape with this harness. Seeing that she was still quite displeased with the harness in general, I gave her some time to acclimate to it, without the leash.

Returning later, I discovered that she can very easily reach the collar part of the harness with her mouth, and had already chewed halfway through most of the velcro. (here goes my chances to return the useless torture device). At this point I was ready to give up, but attached the leash anyway. Her reaction to being leashed is to scamper immediately to the end of the leash, and then claw furiously at the floor, trying to escape her captor.

It only took a few more attempts before I threw the leash in the trash. The three stars it earned are because I suspect most of the problem is with my rabbit, rather than the harness. Perhaps I should write a review on my rabbit. If your rabbit possess stoner/couch-potato levels of chill, then it might work for you, but if that is the case, then what do you need the leash for in the first place?rabbit jacket 2

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